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Blackjack Tips

In no specific order, we hope the blackjack tips detailed below will help you along the way to some pretty good winnings at the casino. Enjoy :)

When to increase bets
When should you increase the amount that you bet? You should try to increase the amount of your bet only when you're winning. It is natural human instinct to do the opposite and increase your bet when you're losing, to try and make up losses.

Number of decks in use
As you play blackjack, it is always to your advantage to play against as few decks as possible. You can always ask around at the casinos and find out how many decks are in use. Also pay close attention to their shuffling rules, how often they shuffle, how deep into the deck they go before reshuffling, the deeper the better for card counters.

Basic Strategy
Always use basic Blackjack strategy. Most Blackjack players will lose about 2% of every bet because of improper play. In casino blackjack, be sure to have a good idea of what basic strategy suggests, and for online blackjack, be sure to consult a website or book to help you make your decision.

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